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Love Walked In

Love Walked In - Marisa de los Santos Things I liked about this book:

- It was set in Philadelphia.
- The main character was old fashioned and fond of old timey things.
- Cornelia was in love with Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. Who wouldn't be?
- I liked Clare a lot.

Things I didn't like about this book

- Everything about Cornelia was too twee: her name, her tininess, her prudish and prim nature, her clothing, her thoughts. She reminded me of Isabel from the book Glaciers, but where Isabel was real and convincing, Cornelia was a flat caricature.
- The whole Teo thing was annoying, from the moment he entered the coffee shop and everyone started singing that weird song.
- Are there really fathers out there as terrible as Martin? Sadly, the answer is most likely yes.
- Cornelia thinks Cary Grant is better than Jimmy Stewart?!? I love them both dearly, but I think not! There is nor will there ever be any man on earth who is better than Jimmy Stewart.

This concludes my totally helpful review.