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The Deathly Portent - Elizabeth Bailey This was about 150 pages too long, there were too many extraneous, totally pointless characters and the main character and her husband were insufferable, condescending, entitled snobs. Don't get me wrong - I love mysteries where aristocrats (I will settle for upper middle class in a pinch) potter about and solve mysteries that confound the feeble minded local peons who generally comprise the suspect pool and/or the comically stupid law enforcement. I usually love my sleuths superior, annoyingly perfect and with an endless supply of disposable funds, but I found these characters so irritating.

Stranded in a small village, Otillia and her testosterone-fueled husband Francis stumble upon a murder which the serfs are ready to pin on some poor girl they believe to be a witch. Honestly, I had no idea what time period this was set in but someone mentioned "this isn't the dark ages" so I guess that's out. Tillie swans in and sets about questioning the villagers to figure out who could have killed the blacksmith that everyone conveniently hated. Meanwhile, her husband divides his time evenly between admiring the "mischievous" look on her face and flying completely off the handle anytime anyone is remotely cool/suspicious/mean/not nice to her. We are talking serious anger management issues here - he was going to cut someone for giving his precious darling a BAD LOOK (btw the bad look was 100% justified). For real. I cannot stress enough how often this happened and how annoying this was. It seems inconceivable that the good lady would put up with this nonsense since we are told repeatedly that she is an irrepressible yet loveable scamp with a thirst for justice, but I guess the heart wants what the heart wants.

Then some other stuff happens and blah blah blah and does anyone even really care anymore? However, I did finish it so I gave it two stars. Updated: Nope. It was so bad, I had to knock it down to one.