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Madam, Will You Talk? (Mary Stewart Modern Classic)

Madam, Will You Talk? - Mary Stewart Completely predictable but still a fun read.

Charity Selbourne is on holiday in Provence, mourning the death of her husband Johnny, who was killed during the war. While out and about, Charity meets a charming 13 year old boy named David and his dog, Rommel; David and his gorgeous stepmother, Loraine, are staying at the same hotel as Charity. After musing on David's melancholic air, Charity learns from a fellow guest David's tragic tale of woe: David's father, Richard, was accused of murdering his colleague after discovering his affair with Loraine, and on that same sinister night, David was bopped on the head and left for dead. Richard was acquitted, but Loraine filed for divorce and fled to her native France with David in tow. While visiting nearby sights with Charity, David glimpses his father and flees to a nearby church in fear. Charity concludes that David's murderous father has come to FINISH WHAT HE STARTED and top off David once and for all.

Of course there are many twists and turns, all of which are utterly predictable. The book blurb even divulges that Charity falls in love with A MURDERER, so its clear that Charity has been misinformed about the nefarious plot to murder David. And good grief, are there ever a plethora of descriptions about driving and cars. Charity is a speed demon who was taught how to drive by her late husband - a fact which inexplicably becomes an essential plot point.

But again - even though it was completely predictable and the mystery itself was a little shabby, the book was very fun and highly enjoyable. There was a (very) slight feeling of doom and foreboding, but at the same time the sunny descriptions of Provence made it the perfect summer read.