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Devil May Care

Devil May Care - Elizabeth Peters Meh. Incoherent and confusing mystery with an unsatisfying ending. I was sure I was going to love Ellie, but I am mostly ambivalent - she was a giant bore. Her love/hate relationship with Donald was entirely predictable. She is saddled with a pompous, self-important fiance (who is so awful, it's hard to understand why she is with him in the first place) but has no direction herself and is vociferously critical of Donald for being a grown man who mows lawns for a living - she mentions multiple times (usually in front of others) how disgusting and shameful it is for him to working in such a manner. Besides being an insufferable snob, Ellie isn't endowed with any other personality traits. Everyone else is just a stock character - they are either completely odious or benevolent angels.