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Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day - Winifred Watson A very sweet, charming little book. Miss Pettigrew is the poor, down-on-her-luck daughter of a curate, whose last hope is to become a governess for the beautiful and glamorous Delysia LaFosse. Once Miss Pettigrew arrives at Delysia's apartment, she is swept up into immediate drama by Delysia who is juggling three suitors and an acting career. Delysia is charming, fun, and very sweet -- she immediately takes to Miss Pettigrew and brings her within her circle, loaning her a dress, fur and jewelry, introducing her to friends, and taking her to cocktail parties and night clubs. Miss Pettigrew, who grew up sheltered, is initially perturbed by Delysia's free-wheeling lifestyle, but soon comes to the shocking realization that she is enjoying herself immensely. Miss Pettigrew finds herself coming to Delysia's rescue more than once, which permanently seals Delysia's affections.

Even though it's light and fluffy, it is easy to feel sorry for poor Miss Pettigrew. Even though she is a lady, circumstances have left her very badly off, and she is forced to (gasp) work for a living and endure the abuse of abusive employers. She opens with feeling the absolute terror and bleakness of being unemployed and homeless, so stumbling upon and being enfolded into Delysia's world is an unimaginable dream. Miss Pettigrew can hardly believe her luck at experiencing such new and wonderful things, but even so, the threat that it will all end inconveniently intrudes upon Miss Pettigrew's happiness.

I was skeptical -- I didn't think I'd care for Miss Pettigrew, with all her meekness and self-effacement, and I was sure Delysia would be an annoyingly pretty type, but I grew to love both of them over this little book.