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An Old Betrayal: A Charles Lenox Mystery (Charles Lenox Mysteries)

An Old Betrayal - Charles Finch I won a free copy of this book in a giveaway!

Perhaps it is strange but mysteries are my comfort reads -- nothing like a murder to soothe nerves -- and Charles Lenox is among my favorite detectives. The series is a bit quaint, evoking a more pleasant side of Victorian England, but it's never prim or stuffy. Charles, of course, is the focus and he is practically perfect in every way: smart, caring, generous, and incredibly tolerant for his time.

Here we find Charles back in the detection game. His old protege, John Dallington, is sick in bed, so Charles lends a hand and tries to learn more about the mysterious girl who has requested Dallington's assistance. Meanwhile, his Parliamentary career is flourishing quite nicely, though several wrinkles emerge in his personal life to complicate matters. A not-too-grisly crime, a tragic and sordid secret, the monarchy, subtle historical details about Victorian England, and even a reference to the Pallisers -- what's not to love? I really hope this series continues.

And I hope Charles, Dallington, Polly, and LeMaire form that amazing partnership hinted at in the end. Because the only thing that could improve a series about a rich British gentleman detective is throwing in a French person with all his awesome Frenchy, continental ways. Hilarity is guaranteed to ensue.