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The Five Red Herrings

The Five Red Herrings - Dorothy L. Sayers Ugh. I picked this up because I needed a break from The Singapore Grip and its endless discussions of markets and rubber plantations. I love Lord Peter Wimsy, but there were WAY too many bicycles and train timetables involved and too much indecipherable Scottish dialogue. The chapter where each of the police officers elaborate their theories of the crime was painful.

Also, not that I realized this until I had painfully plowed my way through half of the book, but towards the beginning, Lord Peter compiles a list of five suspects which -- in conjunction with the title -- is a major clue. Maybe the book was purposely stuffed with dense timetables and what not so that the reader's brain gets so fogged, they won't realize five suspects were virtually eliminated in the third chapter.

Also, negative stars for that ending.