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The View from Penthouse B

The View from Penthouse B - Elinor Lipman This book will probably be dated very quickly because of all the references -- Craigslist, Facebook, match.com, Bernie Madoff. But it was so charming! Gwen finds herself widowed when her dear husband dies unexpectedly. She moves in with her older sister, Margot, who used the windfall from her divorce settlement to purchase a penthouse apartment before investing the rest with BM. Because the sisters are a little hard up for cash, they take in a twenty-something laid off investment banker named Anthony. Anthony and Margot encourage Gwen to start dating again, but poor Gwen would rather stay home and think about launching Chaste Dates, a matchmaking service for adults looking for friendship only.

It is a perfect comfort read -- funny and sweet without being saccharine -- with a very lovely and perfect ending.